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WANT SOME PRAYER SUPPORT? You can post your prayer requests here so an international group of people will be praying with you, for an outcome of the highest good.

Don't want or need to read more? Go straight to the submission form.

You are not required to register with us in order to post a prayer request; although, your request will not be published until a moderator approves it - this is to avoid spam. Thank you for understanding. We also reserve the right to modify/condense or correct spelling regarding your request, if we feel it is necessary.

Prayer Requests are sent to our International Prayer Team once they are modified (if necessary).

PLEASE NOTE: When filling in your your name, initials, spiritual name, take into consideration that these requests will be made public (unless you specify "PERSONAL" in your Prayer Request then your post will not be made public but will be sent to our International Prayer Team). You may enter a your name, initials, spiritual name, or just "anonymous" should you prefer.

Join The International Prayer Team & Make A Difference

Do you want to be part of the International Prayer Team and pray for the ills others? Be a Beacon Of Light, become a part of making a difference in the lives of other sentient beings. You will receive an email whenever a new with the requested prayer when we receive them.

CLICK HERE to have your intention/request placed on the temple altar with prayer and a 6 day votive candle - other options also available.

Our website is meant to create spiritual community in support of the teachings and to give guidelines in how to put these principles into action in the way that Shri Babaji has taught us.

Should you feel moved to, you may make a one time, voluntarily donation - this is not related to being prayed for. Should you want to make a monthly donation, please visit our donations page. Om Namaha Shivaya

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